Why Geocoding is the Next Step Up in Patient Care

The way patients receive healthcare and the way both providers and patients arrive at an appointment are changing. There is an ever-increasing need to travel to patients who are limited by a variety of physical, mental, or financial factors. Additionally, providers are also traveling between many of their facilities to provide patient care. Implementing MapQuest for Business as your GeoVendor on your Epic EMR system helps organizations maximize their resources while driving down costs. For example, using MapQuest for Business helps generate efficient daily provider travel routes.

Using MapQuest for Business as a GeoVendor on an Epic EMR System

One healthcare organization, using MapQuest for Business as their GeoVendor, found that hundreds of mobile providers travel millions of miles annually throughout more than two dozen facilities along the East coast. With multiple home care and hospice services, they began saving time and money in 2016 when integrating MapQuest Directions API into their Epic modules. This allowed each caregiver to easily sketch out the most time-efficient routes daily. Utilizing MapQuest for Business doesn’t just allow for more time with patients — it also allows organizations to save money by avoiding manual, time-consuming routing for their providers. This organization has continued to use MapQuest for Business on its Epic system for four years.

Changes Brought On by COVID-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinics are now implementing ways for patients to check-in remotely for appointments. The “Hello Patient” and “On My Way” Epic modules allow a convenient and safe way for patients to notify the provider they have arrived. This is done from the security of their own cars, alleviating the need to sit in crowded waiting rooms.

Additionally, we have heard many times that integrating MapQuest for Business into the Epic system is “seamless, very easy, and has the quickest implementation.” Epic has highlighted MapQuest for Business as a vendor for these reasons and because its technology successfully works with all Epic modules.

Which Epic Modules does MapQuest for Business Support?

MapQuest for Business supports Epic’s modules such as (but not limited to):

  • Dorothy Route Planner
  • SlicerDicer Maps
  • Provider Finder
  • My Chart
  • On My Way
  • Transfer Center
  • Hello Patient

Benefits of Integrating MapQuest for Business into Epic

There are tangible benefits to integrating MapQuest for Business into your Epic EMR system. By doing so, you’re able to instantaneously benefit from a myriad of factors:

  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming manual provider routing
  • Improve provider daily routes, saving driving time
  • Save travel costs by reducing time and mileage reimbursement
  • Provide convenient and safe alternatives to the patient check-in process

Ultimately, the decision your facility makes about which GeoVendor to use is one of the most important and transformative. It doesn’t just make the job simpler and more effective for your mobile caregivers, and it doesn’t just save your facility money. It ultimately takes the focus that was previously spent on managing people and routes and puts it back on the patient. MapQuest for Business helps you do what you do best: improve the health of your patients, and ultimately, save lives.

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