Q&A Series: COVID-19 & The Technology Industry

MapQuest for Business’s Carol Marcoux answers questions pertaining to COVID-19’s impact on the technology industry.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on nearly every business, regardless of industry or geographic location. With businesses now having to navigate new ways of doing business, many are searching for new and reliable technology so that they can make the changes needed on behalf of their companies and customers.

In this Q&A, technology industry expert, Carol Marcoux of MapQuest for Business, answers five questions about COVID-19’s impact on the industry and how businesses can best manage this time of change.

1. What impact has COVID-19 had on the technology industry?

The technology industry has become extremely nimble in response to COVID-19 changing “the way of doing business” overnight. Those technology companies that are unable to react to the effects of COVID-19 are being left behind. However, the majority of the technology companies have responded with solutions to not only to help maintain their bottom line but to help their enterprise clients, end-user customers, and society in general.

Furthermore, enterprise businesses enlisting the help of these technology companies are not only providing a chance for them to maintain business continuity, but a chance to reengage customers while creating new products, services, and delivery channels.

Some examples include:

  • Asset Tracking Logistics
  • New Point of Purchase
  • Mapping, Routing, and Traffic

2. How are companies responding to these changes?

Here are a few examples of companies using technology during this pandemic…

On the frontlines, healthcare is using technology to assist with testing, triage, and treatment of COVID-19 patients. We hear success stories of new apps to track assets such as PPE and for remote patient check-in along with robots entering the picture to assist with screening. Furthermore, telemedicine is on the rise as providers continue their treatment of patients in a safe and remote environment. Over the past few months, MapQuest for Business has quickly onboarded many healthcare entities looking to provide remote check-in as patients arrive at their clinic.

Secondly, the education industry is another sector benefiting from technology. Remote learning systems allow students and teachers to exchange the necessary knowledge needed to advance thru the school system or to earn a degree. Not only have students and teachers ramped up on this technology, but in some cases parents have as well, making them an integral part of the process. One MapQuest education testing center continues to use our API’s during COVID-19. Their centers provide certification testing after students, employees, teachers finish their curriculum.

Additionally, as you are reading this blog, you are most likely benefiting from your employer strategically using technology to provide a safe and effective “office from home” work environment. Technology provides the internet highway for us all to be connected with software companies providing on-line meeting tools and other services to conduct business as usual.

3. Do you think COVID-19 will change the future of the technology industry?

The technology sector should have an economic boom over the next five years. The majority of this growth will come from the increased demand for technology itself and the professional services often needed to support a new initiative.

Whether business-related or personal interaction, we will all use more technology to stay safe and connected. One technology being dually used for family chats as well as for business meetings is the popular Zoom videotelephony and online chat service based out of San Jose, CA.

Lastly, as more and more Generation Z and Generation Y enter the workforce, they will encourage and quickly adapt to the use of technology for any reason. Technology has been a huge part of their younger development years and they will gravitate towards a technical encounter of any type. They have all grown up using mobile phones and computers. MapQuest for Business has APIS and SDKs to address both devices.

4. How has MapQuest for Business responded to COVID-19?

MapQuest for Business has quickly provided interested technology entities with test keys to ensure our solution is right for their immediate needs. Once tested, we have provided value enterprise plans, easy onboarding, and fast implementation. We have also launched a COVID-19 promotion offering free services for qualified companies utilizing the MapQuest for Business APIs specifically for COVID-19 efforts.

5. What advice do you have for companies on how they can best navigate this time of change and uncertainty?

With uncertainty often comes the need to make rapid changes in response to the marketplace. As companies determine what course of action they will take, MapQuest for Business is here to help. Everything from service plans to payment options, customer service, technical support, and beyond, MapQuest for Business, and me personally, are here to provide support.

The best advice I have for companies in the technology industry is to leverage every resource available. In times like this, it is amazing how people and companies will come together and support one another.

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