Which Geocoding Vendor is Right for My Healthcare Organization?

The decision to integrate a GeoVendor into your healthcare facility’s electronic medical records (EMR) system, such as Epic, is a big one. How will it impact workflow? Will it be simple for caregivers to understand and effective in what it promises to do? Ultimately, will your providers and patients be better served by making this decision? Will it result in organizational cost savings?

Currently, Epic highlights two primary GeoVendor solutions in their user manual. Providers are hailing MapQuest for Business as the frontrunner of the two as it integrates with all Epic modules. Brian Fuller, Application Analyst at St. Luke’s Health System, said that MapQuest for Business was reasonably priced and simple to implement— plus it met all Epic technical requirements.

“As an Epic user, we successfully partnered with MapQuest for Business as our geodata vendor,” Fuller said. “The MapQuest for Business solution provided easy implementation, good value, and met all our Epic technical requirements.”

Brian Fuller, Application Analyst at St. Luke’s Health System

How MapQuest for Business Works

Take, for example, a simple request. MapQuest for Business provides a multitude of maps that can be embedded into your private, secure EMR system — allowing your mobile caregivers to map out the clearest, most time-effective routes each day as they visit multiple patients. Whether your caregivers are therapists, nurses, doctors, or any specialist in between, they’re able to effortlessly move from one home or facility to another on the best available route without having to manually map every single location. This not only saves your organization time and money — it means that those resources can be reallocated to where they belong: the patient.

Geocoding in Action

Each address entered is converted into geographic coordinates — and the geocoding and reverse geocoding capabilities ensure you’re provided with a detailed, five-character confidence code to help verify the accuracy of the location. Furthermore, batch geocoding — where 100 geocode requests can be entered at the same time — is available, which helps save even more time.

The maps themselves range from static maps, which are printer-friendly and combine with MapQuest for Business’s Directions API to identify and highlight the best routes, to Mobile SDKs, which creates a 64-bit map on both desktop and mobile. Conveniently, maps stay consistent across iOS and Android devices and provide the fastest load time available for any new traffic information that may impact a route. Mobile SDKs are zoomable and fully interactive, so caregivers have a full understanding of where they’re headed and why.

Finally, MapQuest for Business offers MapQuest.js, which allows your IT team to easily integrate any JavaScript-based app with MapQuest for Business without having to write extensive code. Your team can add functionality with controls and markers, and choose the different map styles your caregivers prefer to operate from (satellite, streets, hybrid, dark, or light).

The Difference Between MapQuest for Business and Bing

When examining the difference between MapQuest for Business and Bing, it’s vital to consider what Bing is missing. Both vendors allow for reverse geocoding, viewpoint biasing, single-line input (both national and international), 5-box input, side of street info, match level, confidence code, JSON, or XML output and HTTPS.

But only MapQuest for Business offers extended rights geocoding (ERG), ccTLD Biasing (region biasing), thumbnail maps, and text file output. This means you can use your geocode results in the future — you don’t have to re-enter them — and you’re also capable of seeing map results from multiple providers, not just one. The power as to how long you’d like to store your results, and how you’d like to see them, rests in your hands.

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