5 Things Retailers Can Do to Fight the Impacts of COVID-19

Technology is the best way to deal with the supply chain and logistics problems caused by COVID-19. Discover how savvy retailers use technology to fight the impact and reach for profits.

The global pandemic has disrupted the way retailers do business and how consumers buy products. While governments and healthcare providers are trying to control the spread of the virus, people are adjusting and living different lifestyles than they ever thought possible. Americans are working from home, wearing masks, social distancing, and finding the “new normal” while staying put.

Businesses need to make extra efforts to manage the disruptions in shipping, supply chain, and logistics to alleviate the fallout from lack of sales. Retailers who have location services technology, like MapQuest for Business, on their side can pump up sales and battle the effects of COVID-19.

Five ways to keep retail sales moving during this “new normal” are:

1. Tell customers when you are open.

If your physical store has been able to deal with masks and social distancing restrictions to actually open your doors, make sure your customers know that your products and services are available to them. Messaging through your store app, email campaigns, and social media are great for reaching the customer base who have frequented your store in the past.

2. Take orders online or by phone.

Use your website or app to take orders online and make the most of your existing resources. Integrating apps into your order-taking process will alleviate already-strained resources — saving time and manpower. Some of the large big-box stores have had major disruptions in supply chain or product shortages, so now is a great time for your business to integrate an app to increase efficiencies.

3. Draw in customers with timely, contact-free payment and delivery.

Many customers prefer doorstep deliveries over shopping in-store even if doors are now open. Take advantage of this “new normal” and start delivering to your customers to encourage the safe stay-at-home preferences they have. Using integrated navigation will make this process simple, ensuring on-time deliveries and the convenience of digital payment.

4. Offer what your customers need.

Don’t rely on routine in the “new normal.” Your customers are focused on basic needs and safety. Review sales trends and stock supplies accordingly. Keeping your store open with slightly less than your normal selection is the best thing to do during these strained times.

5. Reach more customers with multiple service points.

Since the demand for your products is not limited, consider operating out of more than just your storefront. With many stores closing permanently, the possibility of new customers abounds. If you are able to safely move products from more than one location to your customers, your ability to meet demand will increase resulting in increased profits. If you can sell products from a truck and take payments on your app, you will be able to do business as far as local laws allow.

If your retail establishment is interested in maximizing profits during this “new normal,” contact MapQuest for Business to learn how our location services products can become part of your technology strategy.

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