How Retailers Can Have a Profitable Holiday Season in 2020

The 2020 holiday season is just around the corner, but this year will look a lot different for retailers and consumers as a result of the non-stop changes due to COVID-19.

As we brace ourselves for another possible shutdown of non-essential businesses, retailers are beginning to wonder how they can sustain a second wave of financial uncertainty during the pandemic. Many retail stores were able to stay open during the first round of shut-downs if they were able to offer curbside pickup and online ordering by way of e-commerce. This retail trend will likely continue as we prepare for a potential second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers will continue to look for ways to either shop locally or make their purchases online for pickup or delivery.

Small Businesses and Local Retailers Experience Increased Support from Their Communities

Many small, local retailers have experienced an increase in support from their communities. We’ve seen communities and residents come together like never before intentionally shopping at their local and small business establishments, as opposed to traveling further from their homes, in efforts to prevent them from crippling under the financial impacts of this pandemic.

Given what we’ve seen already in terms of community support, hopefully, that trend along with some good old-fashioned holiday spirit will help these small business retailers have a profitable holiday season.

How to Have a Profitable Holiday Season—No Matter the Size of Your Business

With consumers facing another potential stay-at-home order or traveling restrictions this fall, they’ll be looking to do their holiday shopping closer to home. As consumers, many of us have our go-to, favorite places to shop, but with the need and potential requirement to stay local, there’s an opportunity for retailers to capture new customers this year.

So how do you capture these new customers? You capture them by ensuring that the location of your retail business can be found online, quickly, and easily.

With the proper location-based technology tool-sets, you can ensure that your business is found on a map and that customers can be routed to you accordingly. I cannot emphasize this enough: now more than ever, being found and discovered is the key to maintaining revenue if you are a retailer, both small and large.

Why Location-Based Technology is Key

Many retailers already have services on their website, helping customers to find the closest location to their home. However, if you’re one of those who hasn’t already yet done so, now is the time to add these features to your website and get ahead of the competition in the event of another economic shutdown.

Now is the time to revamp your website by including your location and by providing mapping and navigation options for buyers to find you easily. In addition to capturing new customers, this will help our business facilitate the merchandise pick-up process and online purchasing. The combination of location APIs and web and mobile SDKs allow you to custom-tailor your buyer’s experience and enhance the chances of your store being found, as well as helping to guide them to your business.

These days, being found is key to capturing new customers. Sometimes, what we’re looking for is right under our nose. In this case, you could be exactly what a potential new customer is looking for, but right around the corner.

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