Delivery Services Are on The Rise in 2020

Demand for delivery increases in 2020. Find out how companies are adapting to the changes brought on by COVID-19 and how they’re leveraging location services technology.

The use of delivery services has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Very few Americans want to risk their health for a simple run to the grocery store or pharmacy, let alone sit in a restaurant to enjoy a gourmet meal. While the use of delivery was on the rise over the past several years due to the boom in e-commerce, it’s now viewed as an essential service by many Americans.

Companies Adapt as Delivery Services Double

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States, delivery in the industries of grocery, food, and pharmacy has increased nearly double from 2019. Correspondingly, delivery of catering and laundry services has gone down by the same proportion or more.

In order to adjust to this new way of doing business, companies must alter their priorities to meet the expectations of their customers. Using mapping and navigation technology will help support this growing reliance on delivery. Enrolling in third-party delivery services may be a viable alternative to creating a delivery service of one’s own, but these too rely on technology to make product distribution efficient and timely. Scheduling, route optimization, driver communications, and customer notifications are all part of an effective location services technology.

Location Services Needs Vary by Company

Different industries will have different needs when it comes to location technologies. Since many businesses are turning to delivery, it is important to do the research to ensure the exact features your organization needs are met. If you manage a fleet, your needs will be different from those focused on customer communications.

Analysis is key when it comes to identifying your needs. Take a critical look at these aspects of turning your business into a delivery service:

  • Timeliness: Are you delivering a product that requires an exact window of delivery? Is the item going to no longer be useful if delivered after the designated time?
  • Multiple stops: Will your products be loaded once and delivered throughout the day? Routing is crucial to make this type of delivery most efficient.
  • Driver communication: Delivery status, vehicle status, and unforeseen obstacles must be communicated when circumstances change.
  • Customer notifications: Customers are accustomed to receiving push notifications with all types of delivery. This is critical to customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

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