How Location Technologies Help in the Fight against COVID-19

Learn about the ways communities are combating COVID-19 with tracking and location technologies.

Geographic information system (GIS) mapping is used extensively in this country’s fight against COVID-19. It is being used to show how the virus spreads and for contact tracking and tracing worldwide. This technology aids in predicting healthcare needs and spikes in virus counts and assists in the delivery of all-important personal protection equipment (PPE) and other healthcare equipment during this time of crisis to areas hit hardest by the pandemic.

Mapping is an excellent way to present lots of information quickly and interpret it efficiently. This technology can be used to collect, collate, integrate, and share important information with healthcare workers and health authorities.

Identifying COVID-19 Hotspots

Using this technology helps in the fight against COVID-19 in numerous ways. GIS and mapping can help answer critical questions likes:

  • Where in the community are the current COVID-19 cases?
  • Where is the virus likely to spread?
  • How close are the testing sites to the virus cases?
  • Which sections of the community are most at risk?
  • How will hospitals be impacted by the quantity of cases in an impacted community?
  • The challenges of vaccine distribution

The shipping of the COVID-19 vaccine is a also huge challenge, not just because of the numerous logistics involved with moving millions of small glass vials all over the United States, but also because some vaccines must be kept far below normal freezer temperatures for the entire trip. The U.S. government has had to work with drug makers and delivery companies to develop a network of detection systems and monitoring devices in order to ensure safe delivery.

Every box containing the vaccine must be equipped with a GPS beacon, a temperature sensor and a unique barcode that is scanned upon arrival. If the boxes do not reach their appointed destination all over every U.S. state, or if the doses get too hot or too cold, government officials and drug companies are immediately alerted of the issue.

Health authorities use mapping technology for communications through all kinds of applications. Local governments are using mapping to keep citizens information about the state of the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. Emergency communications regarding school closures, business restriction changes, public notices, and other COVID-19 limitations.

How MapQuest for Business Can Help

MapQuest for Business makes GIS easy with its robust set of mature location APIs and SDKs, enabling users to easily integrate helpful and actionable location intelligence. Providing maps and routing for distribution of vaccines, and plotting areas that are impacted by outbreaks of COVID-19 are a few ways MapQuest aides in the distribution and fight against the disease.

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