How the Best Restaurants Do Delivery Route Optimization

As wages, supplies, and fuel costs rise, the financial strain can compromise a restaurant’s slim profit margins. But delivery isn’t an area you can cut back on, as guests expect fast delivery of high-quality, hot food. Therefore, finding a solution that enhances the guest experience while protecting your budget is essential. 

In this post, we’ll explain what delivery route optimization is, why route planning is essential, how to improve delivery route optimization, and three tips for implementing map routing solutions, such as MapQuest for Business, at your restaurant.

What Is Delivery Route Optimization?

Delivery route optimization is the process businesses use to find the best, most cost-efficient route to get food deliveries from the restaurant to the customer. Effective methods map routes according to time windows, required stops, road conditions, and traffic. The best route may not be the shortest, mileage-wise, but it gets drivers to customer locations in the fastest amount of time. 

For restaurants, delivery route optimization integrates with kitchen operations to ensure orders are ready at optimal times, allowing eateries to coordinate multiple deliveries with ease. 

Why Is Delivery Route Optimization Important for Restaurants?

Route optimization helps restaurants deliver hot food quickly to consumers resulting in excellent customer experiences. In return, happy guests leave positive restaurant reviews, tell their friends, and order from your restaurant again. On the backend, route planning helps restaurants save time and money on deliveries while reducing operational inefficiencies. 

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, 28% of consumers say they’ll order more food deliveries from independent restaurants, and 32% will order more deliveries from chain restaurants. Consequently, revenues from the global restaurant-to-consumer delivery segment hit $53.6 billion in 2020 and are expected to increase to $85.5 billion by 2024. Since 53% of adults say buying takeout or delivery food is essential to the way they live, restaurants must take steps to optimize the process to ensure profitability.  

How Can You Improve Delivery Route Optimization?

Improve delivery route optimization using map routing software, like MapQuest for Business, to plan a route with multiple stops and provide drivers with real-time information about weather, traffic, and more. Increase route efficiency by: 

  • Selecting user-friendly location services technology
  • Streamlining driver communications
  • Collecting vehicle and delivery status data
  • Ensuring timely customer notifications
  • Using data-based delivery driver scheduling
  • Providing exact location details to minimize mistakes
  • Adjusting routes quickly for unexpected issues

3 Tips to Implement Delivery Route Optimization

For restaurants to capture a slice of the restaurant-to-consumer delivery market, they must offer fast, reliable delivery services optimized to reduce overall costs. Use these three tips to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of mapping and navigation technology while providing exceptional customer experiences. 

1. Understand How Route Planning Helps Your Restaurant

Delivery route optimization sits at the intersection of customer experience and operational efficiencies for restaurants. Mapping and navigation technology isn’t just about finding the fastest route. Instead, it delivers benefits to your entire organization. Before implementing location services technology, consider how it enhances your restaurant, such as: 

  • Boosts customer satisfaction with speedy service, hot food, and transparent communications
  • Improves driver experiences and potential tip income with seamless routing information
  • Helps management plan schedules using driver, route, and vehicle data
  • Assists restaurant order takers by providing accurate delivery times 
  • Reduces kitchen inefficiencies by giving kitchen managers details about when to cook food

2. Set Your Restaurant Delivery Goals 

Decide what you want to accomplish with route optimization so you can see a faster ROI and instantly improve customer experiences. When implementing a solution, such as the MapQuest for Business Direction API, restaurant delivery objectives may consist of: 

  • Reduce mileage and gas consumption
  • Improve delivery times
  • Lower vehicle operating costs
  • Decrease comped meals that stem from customer  complaints
  • Maximize kitchen efficiency 
  • Reduce driver errors due to incorrect addresses or routes
  • Enhance customer experiences and increase loyalty

3. Work with MapQuest for Business

Delivery route optimization software can solve your last-mile logistics challenges. But your technology needs to integrate into your existing processes and connect with back-office tools. Moreover, your routing software should scale with your restaurant to meet future needs. With MapQuest for Business, restaurants can: 

  • Take advantage of a free plan that includes routing, directions, and geocoding.
  • Add new delivery routes quickly or customize routing with drag and drop functionality.
  • Enable fast decision-making based on customer location and routes.
  • Verify restaurant customer addresses and store data for future transactions.
  • Give delivery drivers turn-by-turn directions.

Delight Guests With Route Optimization Technology for Restaurants

With restaurant expenses increasing, businesses can’t afford inefficiencies. To stand out from the competition and provide incredible customer experiences, restaurants can quickly implement user-friendly mapping and navigation solutions like MapQuest for Business. Get started with delivery route optimization by viewing the MapQuest for Business brochure or visiting our resource center

Learn how you can improve restaurant operations by getting in touch with MapQuest for Business today. 

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