The Best Map Website for Multiple Locations

As you add new business locations, it’s vital to keep your customers and potential clients informed. While you’ll find plenty of options for adding a map with multiple sites to your website, not all are created the same. Some can be difficult to embed on or don’t offer features essential for meeting customer expectations. 

Moreover, the right map website can help you build your brand and online presence. This post will reveal the best map website for multiple locations and explain why it’s crucial to pick top-notch tools like MapQuest for Business, and give you three tips to showcase all your locations. 

What Is the Best Map Website for Multiple Locations?

When mapping multiple locations, the best map website is MapQuest for Business. It provides location-enabled geospatial solutions, including a variety of user-friendly maps. Business users benefit from mature APIs and SDKs, comprehensive documentation, and robust technical and customer support teams. This easy to implement mapping solution turns any company website into an interactive, customer-centric tool. 

Why Is it Important to Use the Best Map Website?

Over the past couple of years, mobile searches for “open,” “now,” and “near me” grew over 200% and searches for “near me tonight/today” rose 900%. Customers discover your business online long before visiting your physical storefront. And your website experience directly affects how consumers view your company. 

Indeed, 79% of consumers say “the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.” Delivering excellent digital experiences can increase in-person traffic and revenue while improving your business reputation. 

Additionally, web design that includes mobile responsive, interactive elements appeals to consumers. They already use mapping tools in their daily lives and expect your website to offer similar functionality. A visually appealing and user-friendly map helps web visitors find a location near them. Yet, mapping tools must be easy for companies to implement and provide long-term usability. The benefits of picking the best map website include:

  • Reliability: Trusted and well-known solutions frequently update tools and services, ensuring your map continues to function even as technologies change. 
  • Scalability: The best map website supports multiple locations while giving companies access to core functions, such as routing, geocoding, and spatial search.  
  • Self-service tools: High-quality geospatial products are backed by in-depth and updated documentation, allowing your teams to control your website experience fully.
  • Customer and technical support: The best map providers put your business first by offering access to customer service and technical support through multiple channels.
  • Ease of implementation and use: Complex set-up processes consume valuable company resources. MapQuest for Business users say, “implementation was seamless.”

3 Tips to Showcase Your Multiple Locations

You should embed an interactive map on your website to encourage consumers to explore multiple locations and find the best one for their needs. Use these tips to improve user experience and direct web visitors to a location near them. 

1. Pick the Best Map Website for Multiple Locations

Select a service with mature APIs and SDKs, allowing your company to customize the map’s appearance and functionality. MapQuest for Business provides mapmaking tools, such as directions, shapes, geocoding, and traffic. With MapQuest for Business, organizations can: 

  • Customize icon types, sizes, and colors or add text to your markers, circles, vias, and flags
  • Use mapping APIs with built-in styles, including street, hybrid, aerial, and light and dark maps
  • Add overlays, annotations, images, polylines, and polygons to your map
  • Provide customers with a printable map image with custom routes and icons

2. Highlight Location-Specific Features

Add location-specific attributes to help your stores stand out when a customer searches for a business near them. Depending on your brand, you may want to emphasize store hours or unique services. Plus, MapQuest for Business users can add banners to capture attention and provide website users with vital store details. 

3. Ensure Excellent Mobile Experiences

Since “mobile devices drove 61% of visits to U.S. websites in 2020,” a mobile-friendly map is essential. Users will click away from sites that don’t work well on a cell phone and come away with a poor impression of your company. With MapQuest for Business, you can create an experience where users can easily rotate or zoom in to find the closest store quickly. 

Use Mapping Tools to Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences

Help website visitors find the best route and store location by using an interactive map. The MapQuest for Business APIs and SDKs are easy to implement, and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted partner. Learn more about geospatial solutions by contacting the MapQuest for Business team.

MapQuest for Business

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