How Location Data Can Address Key Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare leaders are faced with tough challenges today that require quick, decisive action. They must assess population health in real-time and improve emergency preparedness while meeting goals for patient experience and satisfaction. On top of that, administrators have the difficult task of cutting operational costs without sacrificing vital services to their communities.

To reduce obstacles, healthcare leaders turn to solutions involving location data. Below we’ll cover what location data is and how it helps health organizations while exploring potential uses of MapQuest for Business in healthcare settings.  

What Is Location Data and How Does It Help?

Location data, also called mobility data, is information about the geographic position of structures or devices, such as mobile phones or sensors. It can be:

  • Individualized: Tied to a specific person
  • Anonymized: Connected to a unique identifier on a device
  • Aggregated: Shows the movement of a group of people

Mobility data helps healthcare systems solve many challenges. It provides real-time information used for creating models. Administrators use these models to forecast demand for ICU and med surg beds. They also implement routing tools to help patients find a suitable facility and direct caregivers to patient homes. In each case, location data solves initial problems while reducing operational costs.    

How Healthcare Leaders Use Location Data

MapQuest for Business products, such as application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), help developers create a custom solution for collecting and using location data. Incorporating MapQuest for Business with your electronic medical records (EMR) system and administrative tools improves experiences and your bottom line. 

Reduce Operational Expenses

According to Kaufman Hall’s “National Hospital Flash Report,” hospitals and health systems had an operating margin of -0.6% in January, not including CARES Act funding, and total expenses are rising. Administrators use MapQuest for Business to:

  • Make scheduling decisions based on mobility trends 
  • Allocate resources among facilities 
  • Reduce manual data entry for home health caregivers
  • Optimize routes to save on fuel and labor costs

Improve Patient and Provider Experiences

94% of healthcare executives say “improving the clinician experience is a priority for their organizations as they enter 2021,” according to PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI). Furthermore, 90% of respondents to the Lumeon report, “U.S. Patient Access Leadership Research 2020/21 believe patient experience is necessary to “differentiate yourself in your market to attract and retain patients.”

MapQuest for Business can help your organization meet both objectives. It integrates with all Epic modules, providing frictionless provider and patient experiences. Routing and mapping tools enable caregivers to focus more on patients and less on data entry. Plus, navigation tools can direct patients to the nearest facility for scheduled or emergency treatment. 

Enhance Emergency Preparedness Measures

From safer check-in methods to understanding community spread, location data empowers healthcare leaders to make informed decisions. Geospatial techniques also can help administrators reduce high re-admittance rates.  (Additionally, collecting data for use in modeling is a core way to improve emergency plans. The HRI survey finds, 74% of health executives say “would invest more in predictive modeling in 2021.” 

Solve Marketing Challenges

Staying connected to established patients and attracting new ones is critical to your healthcare organization. Providers use location data to target specific patient populations and investigate competitor facilities. Crucial information about visits to points of interest (POI), including frequency and routes, helps marketers develop tailored messages and deliver them in the right moments. 

Explore Solutions to Key Healthcare Challenges

Location data is rising in importance, yet it’s underutilized among some healthcare organizations. As leaders look for ways to improve operations and experiences, mobility data can be a key differentiator. MapQuest for Business solutions are customizable and easy to implement and integrate with your EMR system. Learn how MapQuest for Business can help your organization by contacting the MapQuest team

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