The Anatomy of a Great Delivery Route Planner

When you have multiple restaurant locations, each food delivery adds to your expenses. Planning routes and adjusting them on the fly is time-consuming, and your management teams want to stay focused on in-house customers, not back-office tasks. Without a delivery route planner, your drivers will spend more time and gas than is necessary. In return, food deliveries may take longer, resulting in dissatisfied customers. 

In short, failing to plan your routes or planning them less than optimally results in unnecessary costs and unhappy customers.

With the MapQuest for Business delivery route planner, restaurant leaders can improve their bottom line while ensuring hot food deliveries. This article will examine what a great delivery route planner looks like and explore the features that make it perfect for restaurants and their customers. 

What Is a Delivery Route Planner?

A delivery route planner is a tool that lets restaurants schedule multi-stop deliveries and optimize driver routes to get food orders to customers quickly. User-friendly software takes your drivers to customer doorsteps, allows order takers to give accurate delivery times, and can support custom solutions to enhance customer experience, such as real-time delivery tracking. 

Features of the Best Delivery Route Planners

The best delivery route planners are user-friendly and flexible. They help management reduce time spent on route planning and allow them to see where their drivers are at any time. Each MapQuest for Business route planning feature benefits customers, employees, and your restaurant’s bottom line. 

Time Optimization

Instead of hiring extra delivery drivers, consider using route planning software to reach more customers in less time. Delivery route planners help you discover the shortest route or alter routes for traffic congestion or construction. By reducing miles driven, restaurant leaders can save on gas and boost driver productivity. 

Precise Tracking 

Knowing your drivers’ locations can help you plan new deliveries as they come in. With a delivery route planner, you can adjust routes or add a stop quickly. Moreover, if a customer calls your store, you can instantly find your driver on the map and tell your customer almost precisely when they’ll be pulling into their drive. Or share delivery tracking data with your restaurant guests online so they can have peace of mind knowing their food is en route. 

Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) 

Are your order takers telling all callers that their food will arrive in an hour? But then some deliveries get there in 30 minutes, while others take over an hour? This lack of consistency can cause your customer to call your restaurant looking for updates or leaving a complaint because you told them the wrong time. With a delivery route planner, restaurant leaders can connect their delivery order system to the planner to ensure accurate ETAs all of the time. 


Balancing in-house and delivery orders is challenging. Not only for management but for your kitchen teams. If you’re not sure when your drivers can pick up the next order, you risk making food too early. A route planner that integrates with your restaurant systems helps you coordinate kitchen tasks with available drivers to ensure your customers get hot, fresh food with every order. 

Which Technologies Can I Use to Build a Delivery Route Planner?

For a custom geomarketing solution that works equally well at all your restaurant locations, your technologies should easily integrate with existing systems and workflows. The MapQuest for Business application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) make it easy for your development team to build a delivery route planner. Developers can leverage tools, such as: 

  • Place Search API: Enable management to find a customer with exact location data divvied according to restaurant location territories. 
  • Geocoding API: Check the accuracy of addresses for deliveries, route customers to the right store for pickup, and ensure precise delivery routes. 
  • Directions APIAllow drivers to customize routes using a drag and drop tool or quickly add a new stop along the way.
  • Data Manager APIFew restaurants have the server space to store customer and asset data. Use the Data Manager API to quickly and securely keep information at your fingertips.

Create a Delivery Route Planner for Your Restaurants

Your team can start building a delivery route planner for your multiple restaurant locations using MapQuest for Business APIs and SDKs. It’s free for up to 15,000 transactions per month, which gives your developer time to create a custom solution. Explore our developer resources or contact the MapQuest for Business team to learn more about our delivery route planner tools. 

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