2 Reasons Why the Most Successful Businesses Use Routing APIs

Routing APIs are giving the most successful businesses an advantage over their competitors.

There are numerous reasons why some businesses are more successful than others. We often think that success is tied to brand loyalty and brand recognition, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, a new company emerges and begins attracting those once loyal customers away from those well-known brands. This can happen when companies fail to evolve with changing times and customer needs. Video stores are a great example of this. Had they offered delivery and streaming services sooner, they may still be here today. With that example in mind, let’s look at consumer behavior and the two reasons why the most successful businesses are responding to change with Routing APIs.

Reason #1) The Majority of Today’s Consumers Shop Online

81% of today’s consumers shop online. (Holiday Insights: Mobile Strategy and Interactive Advertising | Street Fight, 2021). Consumers are purchasing everything from groceries to home goods to automotive parts and beyond. With that data in mind, many (if not most) successful businesses have placed online ordering strategies at the top of their priority lists.

Online shopping is not new, but the most successful businesses have evolved their online shopping strategies to go from simple web purchasing to real-time tracking and updates. How do they do it? They do it with Routing APIs. A Routing API allows consumers to track their purchase from the moment they submit their payment until the moment it arrives at their doorstep.

In the restaurant industry, some pizza restaurants now allow you to see when your pizza has entered the oven, when it has left the store, and when it’s been delivered.

In the retail industry, top corporations are providing detailed information beyond simple shipment tracking. Consumers can see when their order was received, when the shipping label was created and printed, which location their items are coming from, which state their items were in last, and notice as to the number of stops left on a delivery driver’s route before it reaches their home or business.

Reason #2) Routing APIs Improve the Customer and End-User Experience

Routing APIs not only improve the customer and end-user experience, but they give businesses a competitive advantage over their competition.

Consumers don’t like to be left in the dark as to when they’ll receive their purchase, and they want to have as much information as possible while they wait to receive their order. They want to know where their product is and when –exactly– it will arrive.

Providing detailed information to the consumer, via a Routing API, equates to transparency and transparency helps build trust between the customer and business. When a consumer feels that business can be trusted, it results in brand loyalty. With so many competitors offering similar products and/or services online, gaining brand loyalty is important.

Does Your Company Need a Competitive Edge?

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