How Supply Chains Can Deliver Faster During the 2022 Shipping Crisis

How Supply Chains Can Deliver Faster During the 2022 Shipping Crisis

To increase efficiency and deliver faster during these trying times, the supply chain industry must leverage Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The supply chain industry is in the midst of an unprecedented shipping crisis. Companies around the globe are struggling to make timely deliveries in 2022, as a multitude of factors are delaying shipments. However, there is hope during these trying times. To increase efficiency and deliver faster, the supply chain industry must leverage three particular APIs: the Directions API, the Geocoding API, and the Traffic API.

Use a Directions API to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

A Directions API is a must-have in the supply chain industry. Organizations that leverage a Directions API will increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs.

Efficiency is increased as a result of a Directions API’s route options. With route options, a company can create custom, multi-destination routes while en route. For delivery drivers, this allows them to avoid unexpected roadwork or add a new location by dragging and finding alternate routes on the fly. They’ll also be able to receive turn-by-turn directions, from the origin point to destination, which includes a directions narrative that provides road shields, turn directions, street names, and static maneuver maps.

The customizations that come with a Directions API provide cost savings. Users can optimize and calculate routes by planning them based on the length or speed of travel. Routes can also contain boundaries, account for fuel efficiency and usage, and take into consideration the dates and times of travel, including HOV-specific lanes, timed turn restrictions, and specific closures.

Mileage reimbursement is another great feature provided by a Directions API. Drivers can create accurate routes to submit for reimbursement, which can also include toll road information. In the event of a time overage, you’ll have the ability to specify “acceptable” time overages.

Increase Delivery Driver Performance with a Geocoding API

Delivery driver performance is just as important as route planning. The geocoding process matches addresses with geographic coordinates. Three major functions are supported by the Geocoding API:

  1. Address (forward geocode)
  2. Reverse
  3. Batch

Requests can be submitted as key-value pairs, JSON, and XML.

A Geocoding API will also display points of interest, addresses, and locations on a map within a location-based application. Address verification will help your drivers find and verify an address or make a business decision based upon the quality code of a specific address. Geocoding also allows you to mark your territories, to clearly delineate sales and delivery areas with ease.

Reduce Shipping Delays with a Traffic API

A Traffic API allows you to easily retrieve and display traffic flow and incidents for a given map area, including construction zones. With the provided route knowledge, users can alter and choose routes based on current traffic conditions – ultimately helping your company to reduce delays in shipping.

Drivers will also be in the know, with the ability to quickly and easily retrieve and display traffic flow and incidents on a given map area. They can also utilize traffic overlay to retrieve a transparent raster image of color-coded traffic flow to lay on top of the road network, providing a color-coded visualization of current traffic speed conditions.

If there are incidents along the way, these can be filtered by type. For example, unexpected construction. Drivers will receive the incident type and location details, along with the appropriate icons.

Ready to Move Forward Faster?

If your organization is facing challenges as a result of the shipping crisis, remember, there is hope. API technology has the powerful ability to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs – and there are many organizations out there that will speak to the success they’ve experienced from using APIs such as those listed above. Jim Higgins, IT Manager at Van Kam Freightways, LTD has shared with us,

“The use of the MapQuest for Business APIs helps us to schedule efficient routes for our freight drivers.  With MapQuest for Business, our company saves money and time – thank you!” 

If you’re interested in learning more or in taking the next step, contact a member of the MapQuest for Business team. You can also view the MapQuest for Business brochuresend us an email, visit the MapQuest for Business website, or give us a call at 800-827-7950.

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